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An Insight Into India’s Luxury Cruise


It is the journey which makes the time memorable not the destination and the people who have high budget have gone to abroad for the Luxury Cruise holidays what about the people whose budget is not so high. India has now introduced its own cruise which will let the travelers to escape from the bustling city streets and sail on the tranquil waters to get great and unimaginable holiday experience. With the growing demand for luxury travel among Indian tourist and increasing intervention from the government the Luxury Cruise tourism has a brighter future in the country.

Facilities You Will Get

There is everything you wish for your journey. From all kinds of cuisines including west coast delights to spa, you can enjoy your drink as there are unique bars and swimming pools which have a great view of Indian Ocean. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of Indian Ocean and enjoy your cruise journey. While sailing through the sea you can enjoy your pool side music, so there are abundant option for the music and lovers.

Luxury Cruise

Discover The Multi Beautiful Destinations Of The World With Thrills That Covered By Cruise

The cruise will cover multiple destinations. The cruise will give you the best shore experience with lot of fun and excitement. No matter what you are looking fir, It will cover all the destinations including romantic, to adventures, a heritage, or religious. You will get every bit of it.

Is It Expensive?

You will have to spend around Rs 2000 for one person for their food, including, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, tea, coffee and juice etc. If you want to enjoy the premium sailing then you need to spend Rs 4000-5000 excluding food for a dorm and if you go for a double room then you need to spend Rs 7000-8000. So in comparison with the services these cruises provide the prices are not too high.

Discover The Most Engaging And Inventive Amenities On The High Seas

Taking a luxury cruise is not like a normal one, it provides a great and enriching range of games and activities. You will not get bore in this. You have numerous activities to do on board and off shore. Some of the activities provided are skydiving and surf simulators, a planetarium and even a frosty ice bar; there are plenty of perks to pique your interest.

Interactive Theatre

If you are a movie lover and want to watch movie in the cruise, there is a interactive theatre in it where you can enjoy your movie. The theatre is equipped with the motion seats that rattle, lean and gyrate in sync with animated 4-D movies. You can expect some of the high tech effects like wind, strobes, fog, rain and even scents which add thrill to your experience.

Now you know the amenities provided by the Indian cruises. Book your tickets now to get board on the cruise and experience the thrilling and exciting journey.

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