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Best Places To Visit In Chennai In Winter


To spend holidays everyone wants to visit different Places To Visit In Chennai to make their vacations memorable. In modern time, Chennai is one of the places which provide opportunities to visit the tourist places to the explorer in winters like marina beach, temples, and the ancient palaces. Everyone can visit these sites whether they are old or young people. In brief, we make some discussions in the following paragraphs.

Marina Beach – Best Places To Visit In Chennai

Marina Beach is one of the biggest beaches in Chennai and one of the Best Places To Visit In Chennai In Winter. One can see a lot of palm trees from fort St. George to Basant Nagar. In the evening, various activities are performed to make everyone stress free from their daily schedule, which are flying kites, swimming in the sea with their dear ones.

Best time to explore it is from November to March

Mamallapuram – Best Places To Visit In Chennai

Mamallapuram is popularly known as Mahabalipuram. This site has a unique style of architecture, which is made up of ancient rocks and bricks. It is a combination of distinct temples, churches, and mosques that is the most fascinating amongst the travelers. The major culture addition here is music which is very prominent among the dwellers and they especially represent their culture with their musical art.

M.P. Birla Planetarium

Besides the above places, Birla Planetarium is the site which helps the science to create more creative young minds. As, it shows the various audiovisual programs related to the solar system, cycle of stars, the creation of the earth, and the other planets, which attracts the attention of one to know more about the activities of nature. This is the best thing in Chennai that everyone suggests to do there whenever they visit.

Thousand Light Mosques

Well, it is clear from the name that this mosque must have 1000 lights which light up in the hall of the mosque. That time the beauty of this place is incomparable to anything with the white wall along with the fog in evening time around it which attracts the eyes as well as mind. Additionally, there is a separate room for women to pray in a calm environment with a concentrated mind. Due to this reason, this mosque comes in the most eminent tourist places in winters.

Fort St. George – Best Places To Visit In Chennai

Fort St. George is one of the architectural monument which was constructed for the official works by British. But in this era, this building is used to preserve the unconditional art like paintings, ancient coins, and old silver arms that fighters wore at the time of the wars. Along with this, this monument is very famous as it gave space to the historic church St. Mary. Fort St. George is considered the tallest building in the country.

Guiding National Park And Snake Park

This city provides the habitat to the uncommon species of birds, animals, and reptiles. This is the only park which is situated in the middle of the city. Visitors can please their eyes by seeing the beautiful creatures of nature.

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