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Different Type Of Saree You Should Be Adorning This Wedding Season


Sarees are never out fashioned and always enhance the beauty of the women. However western culture taking over the Indian tradition but sarees is always ever trending. Any Indian or western dress cannot beat the beauty and charisma of Indian saree. Now you should stop thinking about what to wear in this wedding season and just decide to which type of saree you want to wear at the wedding. There are different type of saree available in market so have a look on post before buying saree for this wedding season.

There are different type of saree according to different traditions of different states in India. Every type of saree has its own uniqueness and charisma.

So we made your search easy by compiling the list of different type of saree you should adore this wedding season.

Banarasi Saree

Whenever the discussion of best saree is starting, banarasi silk saree is always on the top of the list. Banarasi saree enhances the natural Indian beauty of the women and adds shine in the personality. You can choose banarasi saree this wedding season and wear it with heavy jhumkas and choker.

Chanderi Saree

Chanderi saree is lightweight Indian saree with floral, geometric and traditional arts on it, this lightweight chanderi sarees are best for them who can’t bear heaviness but want to wear saree. This type of saree can be worn on any traditional occasion like any festival, marriage etc.

Many women also use it as daily wear because of the lightweight fabric it can be worn daily. This wedding season you can add more charisma in your personality by wearing the chanderi saree with ethnic jewellery.

Paithani Saree

Paithani saree has its origin from Aurangabad; it gives the women a unique look. Paithani saree is available in different types of design, pattern and effects. Dhoop chaav effect of paithani saree is the most famous and demanding in the market. You can wear paithani saree this wedding season to create a unique look.

Pochampali Saree

Pochampali saree is the most versatile saree and it is originated in the land of Telangana. Pochampali saree is very popular for its unique and versatile design on the pallu. The rich and dark colors of these sarees make it more famous and demanding. Pochampali saree is the best option to choose for this wedding season.

Phulkari Saree

As you know phulkari is the ancient and ever trending fabric of Punjab. This phulkari saree is originated in Punjab and give Punjabi look to the women. Its heavy phulkari embroidery on the saree gives a rich and versatile look to the women. You can wear Phulkari saree with heavy jhumkas this wedding season to create rich Punjabi look.

Jamdani Saree

Jamdani saree is originated in Bengal and is important attire of Bengali bride. This jamdani saree is made up of light cotton and heavy floral or pattern embroidery on it. This jamdani look is the most versatile and unique look if you choose to wear it in this wedding season. You can add Bengali jewellery with saree to create Bengali look and enhance the look of saree.

So these are different types of sarees you can choose to wear on this wedding season. Every saree is unique in its own way and made in this way as it enhances the beauty of Indian women and increases the charisma of the women.

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