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How To Apply For Sri Lanka Visa


The tiny island in the Indian Ocean, just below India, has to offer more surprises than you might expect. Sri Lanka is also known as the ‘ pearl of the Indian Ocean’ and has been a popular destination for tourists all over the world, especially for holidaymakers. The soothing beaches and the luxury boutique, it’s a must-visit country for travelers who are looking to experience local culture and interested in water sports and wildlife. It is a heaven for history enthusiasts.

If you are planning to explore the beauty of Sri Lanka, then the first thing that comes into your mind is how to apply for the visa. So, today in this post we will make you aware of the right method for applying to the visa. So, just have a look below to have more information on this.

For obtaining a visa, you have to get an ETA or Electronic Travel Authentication. As per the official website of ETA, they offer the travelers to grab its benefit for around 30 days, the date of arrival can be extended to around 2 months.

Types Of Eta Or Electronic Travel Authentication

There are around three types of ETA or electronic travel authentication

  • ETA for business purposes with double entry and this is eligible for 30 days.
  • ETA for tourists with double-entry eligible for 30 days 
  • ETA for transit up to 2 days and this is completely free of cost but this requires documentary proof
  • Fees that you require to submit for having a visa for Sri Lanka

When you are having an Indian passport, then you have to pay around USZ$20 as fees and this will be for all of the tourists ETA applications. If you are applying ETA for business purposes, then you have to pay around US$30. When you are applying for this, then you must know that the transit visa with having single entry is eligible for 2 days is completely free of cost.

The Time Required For Processing Visa Application

After the time of applying for a visa online, the issuance of a visa does not take as much time. This is completely safe that it can take around 3 to 4 days working that it takes.

Steps For Getting Sri Lankan Visa

For getting Visa for Sri Lanka, you have to download a printable version of the document before applying for the visa. You can visit the official website for having more information on this aspect.

So, at last, enjoy your trip to Sri Lanka after getting a visa while keeping all these things into mind. Just search for the best places that you should explore in Sri Lanka for getting better information in this aspect.

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