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10 Visa Free Countries For Indian Travelers


For Indians, traveling to any of the other countries is a big dream, but due to some reasons, they cannot travel abroad. There can be any reason that makes them skip their plan that can be budget problems, visa rejection or any other. But being an Indian, do you know that several countries can be traveled without a visa. Lets talk more about visa free countries for Indian.

Today, in this post we will discuss the name of the 10 visa countries, that can be accessed by every Indian. So, just have a look below and travel to these visa-free countries.


The culture, atmosphere and dressing style of the people living in Nepal is the same as that of the Indians. This place is loaded with great exotic and beautiful destinations. If you love adventure, then this is the best place to explore. This country is the best place for you when you love to explore Hindu Culture.

Hong Kong

With having a great and attractive market, pubs and restaurants, this place is the best option for you to travel without visa requirements. If you are a lover of shopping, then you must explore this amazing place.

Cook Islands

Enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling with an amazing view at cook island. This place is surrounded by other beautiful islands, which make this place a perfect destination for honeymoon travelers.


This place is completely loaded with the amazingly beautiful waterfalls and gorges, which make it the best place to visit. Waterfalls are the best place to explore this place.


Macau is also called Las Vegas of Asia, where you can enjoy visiting the amazing casinos and this place is the perfect mixture of both of the Chinese and Portuguese. I personally enjoyed this place when it comes to visa free countries for Indian.


Bhutan, is among the list of the happiest country in the World. With having the best sites for clicking images. The hills and the forts are the best part of Bhutan, that you must explore.


Loaded with amazing green forests and having reef-lined beaches. This place is the perfect choice for everyone who is the lover of adventure. Some of the places that must be explored by you, if you will visit this place are the Blue Mountains National Park and many more.


With having around 333 islands, which make this place an amazing place. Beaches, lagoons, and reefs are the best part of this place. The street food of Fiji is also very much famous and grabs everyone’s attention.


The forest of Amazon is the best part of this place. This area lies is situated on the North-West region of Southern America.


Mauritius is the best place that is known for its amazing beaches and locations. This is the place is attracted by travelers from across the World.

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