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5 Yoga Asanas To Improve Mental Health


Yoga Asanas, your body’s mind, emotions and energy levels. Apart from this, it also helps in reducing depression, anxiety disorder, fatigue and stress.

Yoga asanas mainly helps in reducing your stress hormones and helps prevent the incidence of significant mental health problems like schizophrenia and anxiety disorder, and now it also reduces the severity of stress and depression.

Often, when you are suffering from severe illnesses like depression, doctors recommend you to participate in physical activities, like yoga Asanas and dietary changes so that your body can eliminate the severity of depressive illness.


This yoga is also known as THE HIGH LUNGE POSE. This yoga helps to improve your blood flow by making incremental changes that keep your brain quiet.

How to do:

While standing, bend one of your legs forward and bend the front knee to ensure that your knee is in line with your ankle and stretch the hind leg.

Press the flat of your ankles on both ankles and raise your arms towards the sky and join your palms.

In this way, you take a deep breath in the same flow and repeat this activity five times per leg.


Before doing this yoga, make sure that your knee is in line with the ankle, and the front knee is at a 90-degree angle. If you do it incorrectly, it can harm joints.


This yoga activity is commonly known as Eagle Mudra. In this asana, you need to breathe while keeping your body in balance. It helps prevent anxiety attacks by staying focused.

How to do:

While doing this asana, you have to take a deep breath and place the weight of your body on one leg, slowly wrapping your legs around each other, sinking your hips and gently bend your knee.

After this, keep your ankle in flat mode on the ground and hold your breath slow and even.


If possible, do not try to do this asana alone. This requires balance and a lot of focus. Make sure you do each part slowly and if you feel any pain and unbearable, stop a bit and restart after the break.


This asana is also known as dance pose; this pose is considered very good for mood balancing. This can be very beneficial for those who suffer from depression and anxiety.

How to do:

To perform this asana, you have to move forward while standing on one leg and hold your ankle with the help of your hands.

You have to slowly lean forward and extend your hand in front of you. You have to take an equally deep breath and repeat it.


You should not try to do this asana quickly and if you have any injury to the ankles and knees, do not try to do it.


This asana is known as the warrior pose. There are many forms of this practice, all requiring focus and breathing.

How to do:

For this, you have to bend one leg forward at a 90-degree angle and keep the other leg back in a straight posture.

Extend your arms and take a deep breath for even 10 seconds.


Make sure that if your body is shaking; avoid doing this asana continuously. If you are a beginner, try it to do with a professional.


Usually, it is not a pose, but if you initially do asana, do not try to do it alone.

How to do

First of all, you have to bend forward, keeping your palms flat on the ground, making sure that your back is straight.

Slowly you have to keep your legs straight upwards while transferring your weight on your arms. You have to take a deep breath while keeping your body in this state


Make sure your body stays upright the entire time and keep your feet in line with your hips and make sure a professional is with you.

Yoga Asanas, along with mental improvement, make your body strong and healthy.

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